Creation is closely related to innovation. It may seem simple to just "come up with things," but when it comes to a commercial purpose, creation must also be effective. We approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset and continuously evaluate our work. Our ultimate goal is always to inspire action.

These are the three questions we like to ask in order to translate your message effectively into advertising:


"What client-related behavior change is needed?"

Since introducing a wholesale product requires a different approach than delivering a C-Level presentation, and a 90-second film serves a different purpose than a 30-second explainer... we need to know our goals.

So we put ourselves in our clients' shoes. Where will the message be seen? What does the audience need and why? How can we entice them? What are their barriers?

With a brief visual presentation, we translated the significant discontent of employees after a major relocation for a multinational company and offered possible solutions. The person we presented to was a film enthusiast. Through the visualizations, he immediately saw the problem and the possibilities. His imagination and insights into a solution were more stimulated than if we had handed over stacks of Excel sheets with data and numbers. Mission accomplished!


Stills van de Journey-presentatie voor Multinational*, lees meer bij

"TGD has effectively dissected our message and incorporated it into a cinematographic keynote! This way the result was very effective!" - Sander van Lier | Workplace Manager PVH


"What can we provide to motivate the recipient to take action?"

Do we use large billboards or Online Marketing? Is the target audience primarily found in cinemas, or do prospects need more information, so we need to 'feed' them with information first? Is there something we can build upon, or do we need an entirely new concept? These are the kinds of questions we use to create the framework within which we operate.

For the Koggenland municipality, we effectively reached parents (!) of children (< 18y) through online marketing. By being active on social media with the engaging phrase, "Are you also a parent of NIX18? - take the test here," *  we reached a broad audience, sparking extensive discussions.

The municipality's goal was to encourage parents not to let their children consume alcohol during the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the New Year's celebration. Based on research and data from parents of teenagers, we struck the right chord, piquing the interest of the target audience.

With hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of hits per day, a societal conversation started, leading to group conformity: parents became stricter and felt supported when other parents in the neighborhood did the same. A tremendously successful campaign!

* NIX18 is the National Dutch campaign aimed at reducing alcohol consumption among under-18s. The sentence “Ben jij een ouder van NIX?” translates as “Are you a worthless parent?” The Dutch phrase contains a very obvious pun that unfortunately does not translate very well into English…

Stills van de Opmeer Social Campagne, lees meer bij

"We received many compliments from our directors about the campaign and the way in which it was performed. The approach and results are also presented to the municipal councils. Thanks for the nice cooperation." - Esther Koning | Communications adviser - municipality of Koggenland



"What is the mission, vision, identity, and image of our client, service, or product?"

In our creative process, we always ask about the mission, vision, identity, and image of your organization or brand. This gives us insight into your organization's core values and identity, helping us understand what makes your organization unique. So we build a solid guideline for communicating with your target audience.

An international organization that provides free wheelchairs to hospitals through advertising sponsorship wanted a more modern image. We revamped the logo, website, copy, appearance, and photography. A beautiful project that lasted nearly a year and proved to be highly successful.

Supported by multiple marketing studies (we performed), we have struck the right chord to prepare the company for the future. The advertiser's target audience shifted from small business owners to large national and multinational service providers. This allowed the client to focus on the future with renewed energy.


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"Looking for an experienced, decisive and creative team, I found The Golden Delicious. This great cooperation has led to a completely new presentation, which we can use to approach our market. Big compliments for the ideas and implementation!" - Jos Bookelman | Algemeen Directeur Vitrina


In summary, the creative process requires a deep understanding of the organization or brand. A creative process that isn't aligned with these values can lead to confusion. Therefore, it's crucial to work purposefully and in a way that aligns with the core values and objectives of the organization. Your organization. And that's what we do!

Please contact us for any information; we will be standing by!

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